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Our mission is to accelerate impact with tools, data for every organization.

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Hyper-local data
for better decisions.

We're changing what's possible. From disaster response to strategic planning, our tools enable rapid, data-driven decision making.

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Purposeful Data

DataContours includes comprehensive tools and analysis to answer your questions.

Hyper-local, hyper-relevant

Make decisions with the best data available. Our tools show details below zipcodes, meaning you can plan hyper-locally.

Past, Present, Future

We have rich historical data, the latest up-to-date current information, and projections about future trends.

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where to act.

See the information you need to make decisions in context. Zoom down from regional to local and back up.

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More than meets the eye

DataContours is a full stack solution to collecting, generating, analyzing, modeling and visualizing data about people and places.


See into the future

Cutting edge projection and modeling tools help you understand what is likely to happen, and effectively plan for different scenarios.

Learn how our COVID Impact Assessment can help you manage outbreaks

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