Our Experience

With over a decade of experience designing and developing data platforms and analysis models for top organizations like Kaiser Permanente and the Knight Foundation, we've built a solid reputation for excellence.

Proven, peer-reviewed techniques developed by the CDC and NOAA are what we use to generate granular local data. And our infrastructure can handle data processing in real-time. This means you get an accurate snapshot of up-to-the-moment conditions with data sourced directly from communities.

Put our experience to work for your organization, and let us help you plan for your community's most pressing healthcare needs.


Frequently asked questions.

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What kinds of models do you run?

We run two types of models: deterministic and probabilistic. Our COVID models are built on the SEIR model of infectous disease spread, while our community and population health models use a multi-level linear regression model trained on tract or block-group level data.

Can I provide my own data?

Yes. Our models get more accurate when they are trained with local source data, so we make it easy to provide your own information as part of our enterprise offerings.

How accurate is the data?

We provide primary source data from trusted government sources, like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and US Census Bureau. We also provide re-analyzed data for geographies and granlularities that aren't typically govered by government sources.

Can I customize the model parameters or output?

Absolutely. Our goal is provide the most relevant and accurate data, so we always strive to work with customers to tailor the models to output information specific to your needs.